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Stock Music

Top Musicians | Exclusive Tracks

We believe in the value of artistic expression and limitless creativity. That's why we have gathered unique works from Canadian artists, providing a variety of sounds and melodies that will bring life to any of your creative projects.

If you need stems or customized versions exclusively for your project, talk to us today.

Original Music

Tailor-made composition

Music has an important role in shaping the identity and impact your work. That's why our team of talented composers is dedicated to crafting unique compositions that capture the very essence of your vision.

Contact us today to discuss your project and explore how our original compositions can add a distinctive dimension to your creation.

Right Release

Dedicated service

Right release can be a complex and sometimes burdensome process. We can take that burden off your shoulders through our partnership with one of the leading music rights clearance and supervision companies in Montreal.

Dreaming of using a top track from your favorite artist for your project? We make it happen.